001| Recovering Marketer – 6 Steps To Becoming A Recovering Marketer

Welcome to our first episode of the Recovering Marketing Podcast. Each week we will bring you new ideas, tips, tricks, as well as best and worst practices in the world of taking your businesses to the next level. How do you do this, with Marketing. It doesn’t have to be rocket science

In our first episode, we take a look at 6 steps to becoming a Recovering Marketer.


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  1. Know Your Target Audience: Often when we look at our offerings, sometimes we lose sight of when we are actually promoting too. Does our message or offer makes sense to the audience we are targeting? Should we have multiple messages and break them down based on demographics, past purchases?
  2. Data: Data can be overwhelming. Do I have it? Where do I get it? Is it Big Data, or Small? A few thoughts on how to look at data and how you can use to to generate more relevant messaging or content.
  3. Engage Your Customers: Social Media can be very effective in connecting with your customers and engaging in conversation, but remember it is always a conversation, it should be a two way street. As we discuss, something we as marketers talk, but don’t listen. And we offer a some tools you can use to make better engage.
  4. How to Use Marketing Technology:
  5. CTO (Call-To-Action): Any successful marketing campaign is only successful, if your audience Acts. How do calls-to-action work, and how do I ensure you have the right strategy? A few do’s and don’t to consider when utilizing your CTO’s.
  6. Take Action: Really just Do IT! Often easier said than done. A look at teamwork to get your effort to the next level.

Thanks so much for joining us as we embark on this venture. Please let us know your thoughts, ideas on the topics we discuss as well as

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