R U Recovering?

Are You A Recovering Maketer?

Why I am a Recovering Marketer
An Entrepreneur already in business or planning to start one who is looking for ways to stand out in this noisy world. Our attention is pulled so many direction today because there are so many screens we are faced with. Screens like desktops, smart phones, tablets, even the old time screens like direct mail radio and television… the list goes on. Having a great product or service is one thing, but getting it front of the right people and getting them to take action is another.

How we used to do it doesn’t work anymore, build a better widget and no one comes, that is what we are faced with. And that is what Recovering Marketer is all about.

The Recovering Marketer Podcast
It’s not just in business anymore
Are you in marketing? The answer is Yes! Every moment of every day. Think of those meeting, phone calls, emails, even conversations. With each interaction we are setting a tone for what kind of person we are.

Each week we’ll talk with entrepreneurs and other masters in online and offline marketing, who have faced these same challenges learned how to overcome them and how they are crushing it today. There is much to be learned from these guests. Their journey will set the tone for their eventual enlightenment. That ah-ha moment when they realized what they could do to stand-out and make a difference. We’ll learn the best practices and methods they use to bring them the success they enjoy today and how you can use these same techniques allowing you to join us in our journey as Recovering Marketers.

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