001| Recovering Marketer – 6 Steps To Becoming A Recovering Marketer

Welcome to our first episode of the Recovering Marketing Podcast. Each week we will bring you new ideas, tips, tricks, as well as best and worst practices in the world of taking your businesses to the next level. How do you do this, with Marketing. It doesn’t have to be rocket science

In our first episode, we take a look at 6 steps to becoming a Recovering Marketer.


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People buy into your marketing because of KLaT


Marketing is the psychology of knowing what makes people buy and it’s built on 3 stages. It is one of the most critical aspects of interacting with prospects and customers in this digital age. It’s what I call the KLaT Method of Marketing. It’s very basic, been talked about for years, yet, it seems it is often overlooked. Understand these three-stages and you’ll be light years ahead of the competition. Even though it is rather simple, achieving it can take years. Let’s look at the who, why, and what.

Who do you buy from? Why do you buy from them? What made us make that purchase?

We buy from people we Know, Like and Trust? Yes, it is that simple.

How to Make Time for Marketing

4 steps to getting it done


Yes, we are all busy. Running a business, department, staff, heck – even a cubical can be challenging in this day and age. So when do you find time for marketing your business?

Of course we know we have to let the world know what great things we can offer them, but

Marketing is tough. It is! It’s time consuming, it’s stressful, it’s confusing, it’s overwhelming…. so let’s get started, huh?

How Many Hours Do You Spend Marketing?


How much is your time worth?

I ran across a post at smallbiztrends.com where Constant Contact surveyed companies and one of the take away’s I found interesting was that many small businesses spend upwards of 20 hours a week marketing.  That’s quite a bit of time to carve out in our busy day-to-day lives. The article was a few years old, but that just tells me that it’s probably even harder today.

The biggest challenge in time is one we are all too familiar with. There are so many channels you can use, which ones should you be using? And how do you use them?

Clever Doesn’t Always Scale in Marketing


I love toys. Who doesn’t? Shiny new objects, cool new things to play with. That especially holds true in Marketing. We are introduced to neat, fun technologies and tactics all the time in the name of increasing engagement. The problem is clever doesn’t always scale in marketing.

Think of pURLs, integrated campaigns, and who remembers QR codes…? All of them so cool and could have a big impact on response and engagement, or if not used correctly, could be a waste of time, effort and money. The simple fact that a tool is awesome doesn’t increase anything alone. The trending technology won’t drive more sales just because you use it. The new tactic won’t increase your sales just case you added it to the mix.

Direct Mail: Choosing the Best Service Provider for Your Campaign

When utilizing all the channels available to you in your Marketing Toolbox, one of the staples is, of course, Direct Mail. Often targeted as being too expensive or not having the impact it used to. But if done correctly, it is still one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Technology had provided a wealth of options is customization, relevancy, and targeting to make this channel not only viable, but one that should be on your short list.