Direct Mail: Choosing the Best Service Provider for Your Campaign


When utilizing all the channels available to you in your Marketing Toolbox, one of the staples is, of course, Direct Mail. Often targeted as being too expensive or not having the impact it used to. But if done correctly, it is still one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Technology had provided a wealth of options is customization, relevancy, and targeting to make this channel not only viable, but one that should be on your short list.

USPS Postal Rate Increase Set For May 31, 2015

USPS postal rate increaseWe knew it was coming. The rates for the USPS Postal Rate Increase is set for implementation on May 31, 2015.

Postcards will increase $0.01 to $0.35, but letters hold at $0.49, The additional ounce for Letters increase to $0.22 up from $0.21.

The good news is that first class stamps will remain at .49, but others rates are affected by an average of 2%.

RM 008 | Recovering Marketer – Call-To-Action


Call to Action

Whatever you do, however you drive action, make sure you deliver on that promise. Don’t say Free, if it’s not free. Pulling a bait and switch is a fast way to lose your audience now, not to mention future opportunities.

Undersell and Over-deliver. You will always be ahead if you provide more than they expect.

Keep you CTA, clear, direct, and  consistent. Confusion will also fast track you to lo losing traction with your customers.

Pop-Out vs Pop-ups. On the web, a good CTA jumps out at you. I personally am not a big fan of the Pop-up page that requires me to enter information before I engage. True opt-in can be desire to learn, not forced before you are sure it’s what you really want.

RM 003 | Recovering Marketer – Direct Mail is not Dead if done right

5 Reasons on how to get a bigger bang for your buck using Direct Mail.

Direct Mail has been called a dead marketing channel. We think this is very short sighted. With the advent of a number of programs and technologies, Direct Mail can be a lucrative and innovative channel in your Marketing Toolbox.

In this episode we talk about 5 Direct Mail strategies you can use to strengthen your communication using this channel.

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RM 002 | Recovering Marketer – PURLs done right

safe_image-210x135A PURL is a Personalized URL (website) that is serves up content based on data we already have about the user. This could be past purchases, location, demographics, anything stored in the database that will make the user experience more relevant to them. It is one of the most power tools in the digital marketers toolbox.

In this episode, we discuss the merits, use, and technology used to create these website, and how you can potentially use them to not only provide a compelling call-to-action, but have the ability to learn more about the user through the tracking capabilities of the technology.

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