RM 005 | Recovering Marketer – Email Marketing (Part 1) – Building Your List

DATAWe have an ongoing campaign we produce we call our Monthly Trivia Contest. It’s a fun little program where we ask about 10 fun and engaging trivia questions. We’ll often pick holiday or calendar events to coincide with each launch. Like recently we sent out a Valentine’s Day trivia. And the last question we ask each month pertains to marketing question that helps drive engagement and conversation. This month we talked about the launch of The Recovering Marketer Podcast and asked what topics would they be interested in us diving deep into. We were shocked by the number of request for one topic… Email Marketing.

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RM 002 | Recovering Marketer – PURLs done right

safe_image-210x135A PURL is a Personalized URL (website) that is serves up content based on data we already have about the user. This could be past purchases, location, demographics, anything stored in the database that will make the user experience more relevant to them. It is one of the most power tools in the digital marketers toolbox.

In this episode, we discuss the merits, use, and technology used to create these website, and how you can potentially use them to not only provide a compelling call-to-action, but have the ability to learn more about the user through the tracking capabilities of the technology.

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