RM18 | Jason Swenk on turning his hatred of a band into a successful agency

How creating systems made him millions


Funny how the disdain for a pop group can turn into a multi-million dollar Agency. That’s how Jason Swenk started his career.

He spent 12 years building an agency that for clients the likes of Lotus Cars, Hitachi, AT&T, Coke and Legal Zoom. Then he felt it was trim to try something new, so he sold it and moved on. After trying new adventures, he found many people asking him for help which bring him to where he is today – helping agency’s understand how to use systems in technology

RM17 | Corrina Essa and Social Media on how getting fired was the best thing ever


Imagine you’re in your mid 20’s. You are enjoying a career as a television producer in Greece, and the economy tanks. Being in a dream job is great, unless you are in an industry that survives on advertising which is the first thing that business have a tendency to cut, once the economy state to turn sour.

RM16 | Gary George – Having Fun With SEO and Website Optimization

Google, Facebook, Landing Pages, how to get started getting noticed

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We’ve all heard about SEO and Website Optimization, but too often it’s overly complicate, or our eyes glaze over and we really don’t think about it, or want to understand it. Our guest, Gary George, helps us understand this critical process and bring actionable advice that will certainly help me and I know you as well. As he does it with a style and personality that will make you laugh as well as educate.