Four Over Four (4/4)

4-over-4_templateOk, this might seem obvious to those of us who deal with this all day long, but I sometimes need to remind myself that not everyone is a marketer and they have their own business to run. They don’t do this everyday.

I just got off the phone with a client who asked my what I was referring to when I said 4/4 or 4/1 (4 over 4 or 1 over 1).

It makes me wonder when we are talking to prospects and customers how often the “obvious” information we are conveying is not understood at all. I have walked away from conversations not really have a good grasp on what was said. We move so quick to get on the the next chat, that we pause and say, huh?

Think about that when you are on the phone, shooting off an email, or having a quick chat. Our knowledge is not their knowledge. Be sure to clearly communicate, and always ask when you are unsure. No one frown’s on that… do they?

As far as the 4/4 questions… Simply put, it is an identifier to let us know if this piece is full color on both sides, or Color on one and Black grey scale on the back.

If you have ever been confused by this, we put this together and thought it might help. Feel free to download it for reference.



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