Having fun with Periscope

Gear and how to look and sound like a pro

When jumping into a new venture, the one sure way to get off on the right foot is to have the gear or tools you need to make that first impression count. Anytime we start, well, frankly, we are probably less than great and awesome right? It takes time, it takes effort, it takes experience. So at least having the tools in place that gives you a leg-up on the competition, may give you that bandwidth you need to show your audience that you are a pro, and someone they might want to get to know. After all, you are someone they should get to know – aren’t you?

So what gear do you need to make a periscope (and video’s mostly)?

The minimum, not much. Basically a smart phone (iPhone, iPad and the like), a twitter account, and the periscope app. I am going to make an assumption that you already have that in place. But how do you make yourself look and sound like a pro?

There are 2 parts that make this happen. Content and Gear. Let’s start with gear.

My current list:

iPad: You can use always use our iPhone, iPad (or smartphone), but I find the iPad as it’s easier to read the comments.  recoveringmarketer_iPad_3
Manfrooto Desk Tripod: Designed more for the iPhone and handheld applications, it’s a great and convenient for slowing in a case and pulling out when needed in the field or on the desk. manfrotto_desk_tripod
iShot Pro iPad Mount: If you want to use an iPad, you need a tripod mount to hold the weight and stabilization of the larger device. This mount works great, albeit a bit pricey.  ipad_mount
Audio: Two options (the iRig2 gives you better sound quality)

  1. Rode SmartLav+ Mic: THe smartLav is the old standby for on the go plug and record mics in the smartphone arena. A great choice for ease and mobility.
  2. iRig 2: This is an option for the optimal in sound quality but you have much less ability to travel. This can be connected through your mixer allowing for control of sound, add jingles, and connect other audio sounds in addition to your own voice.


Olloclip Wide Angle Lens: Designed for the iphone, this works great o add a wide angle view for demonstrations and presenting. This works well if you want more than just your face to be int he screen.  periscope_lens
Flashpoint 14″ Fluorescent AC Powered Dimmable Ring Light: Better light always enhances video, this ring light is large and versitle enough to work with iPhone or iPad. It also allows for dimming and adjustment for greater control.

CowboyStudio Light Stand A stand to hold and adjust the light if you want additional control and not mount with your camera

Samson Laptop Stand: For those who want to go overboard and need a laptop stand this is a great one.  laptop_standl
Screenflow/Camtasia Once you have your Periscope, it only lives on the internet for 24 hours. If you want to archive or save it for later use, you can record it and even edit it for distribution of YouTube, you website, and other places. These 2 tools are great for capturing and editing.

Now that you know you will look good (And this should come first but…), what are you going to say. Prepare, practice or at least have an outline of what you are going to say. There are lots of periscopes that are lame and boring, what value will you bring to you viewers?

And lastly, it is supposed to be Live and Engaging, so say hello, ask questions of your viewers, and most of all have fun. If not, what’s the point.