How to Make Time for Marketing

4 steps to getting it done


Yes, we are all busy. Running a business, department, staff, heck – even a cubical can be challenging in this day and age. So when do you find time for marketing your business?

Of course we know we have to let the world know what great things we can offer them, but

Marketing is tough. It is! It’s time consuming, it’s stressful, it’s confusing, it’s overwhelming…. so let’s get started, huh?

It’s really not that bad if you are willing to commit. And here is a list of 5 things you can to make it less stressful. So again, let’s get started. First thing to do is get a pen and piece of paper. Don’t do this on your computer or tablet, it’s easier to work with paper. Then once you have a framework you can transfer it to your tech-tool of choice to maintain.

  1. Commit: This is the hardest most challenging step in anything, not to mention marketing your business. You have to be willing to stick with it to get the results you need. (understand I am looking in a mirror when I say that-I’m as guilty as anyone…)
  2. Set Goals: What do you want out of this? More clients, more exposure, more engagement? If you have a goal in place, it will be easier to be sure you don’t stray and get side tracked. List 5 things you want to accomplish from this process. Keep it to 5, don’t over do it as it will dilute the focus.
  3. Strategy: Once we have our goals we can focus on our plan to achieve it. The most important thing here is how much tie are you going to Commit to your strategy to achieve your Goals? It doesn’t have to eat up all your day. Block out some time. 30 minutes a day at 10 am to plan and 15 minutes at 5 pm to recap for the next day’s session. If every day is too much, try M-W-F, or Tues-Thur (but make it 45-60 min to maintain the amount of time).
    • Tools: Pick the tools you are going to use for your efforts.
      Web Based Tools: Social, like twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook? Blogging? Podcasting? Email? Or maybe a combination of some of these. I am making an assumption here that you already have a website up and running. If not stop reading this and get that done, then come back and read on.
    • Print Tools: ok, not so much a tool you would think of, but print such as flyers and advertising still gives them something to hold on to and can be designed in such a way to provide relevant information to your audience.
    • Direct Mail: Still one of the most powerful tools to get the right message to the right people in a cost effective manner. Also with the technology in data and personalization, you can really target your content with high impact much easier than in years past.
  4. Results, Pivot, and Reboot: As part of this process, set time to review how it’s going. Are you achieving the results you want? If not, where are you seeing success? Maybe it’s time to Pivot the strategy and refocus on what is working. Then Reboot. It doesn’t mean forget what you were doing, it means get a fresh look at what’s working as you move forward. Remember, this isn’t an overnight thing. It’s a life-long business thing. If you’re not ready for that reality, you will be hard pressed to ever get to the results.

The good news is that once you have this marketing plan and process in place, you can always delegate it. Someone else in your office, or outside. Never forget the power of those outside your organization. Your time is money, and your efforts once you have the goals in place. I do believe if you are a leader in your organization – You should be part of this process. But then let someone take the reins, so you can focus on the business. Then you can just grab that 15 minutes and the end of the day to keep engaged in the process.

What’s your process? Let me know. We can always learn from those in our community.

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