Cross-Media Marketing Helps You Cut Through The Noise

Cross-Media MarketingIn today’s society there are more ways than ever to reach customers, and just as many ways for businesses to benefit from that.   In order for your message to be beneficial you must be where your customer’s are- and they are everywhere!  This is why cross-media marketing plays a vital role in a marketing campaigns success; because it is the practice of interacting with customers using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels.

Websites, direct mail, social media, catalogs, email, mobile, and retail stores are all communication channels that businesses hope will enable customers to take action in response.   Multi-channel marketing allows for customers to choose the channel that best suits them and by giving them choices you will actually increase your response rate.

Reason being is that multi-channel customers spend about 3 times more than single channel customers do.   They have more control over their buying process so the more options available to them increases the chances of them buying your product or service.  Another benefit is that multi-channel marketing allows for interactive marketing to become more prevalent and creates multi-faceted, stronger filled campaigns.  This allows for communication to build brand awareness, customer loyalty and brand loyalty.

Four Over Four (4/4)

4-over-4_templateOk, this might seem obvious to those of us who deal with this all day long, but I sometimes need to remind myself that not everyone is a marketer and they have their own business to run. They don’t do this everyday.

I just got off the phone with a client who asked my what I was referring to when I said 4/4 or 4/1 (4 over 4 or 1 over 1).

Godaddy vs Bluehost

what a difference a hosting provider makes...

Godaddy vs Bluehost.

Managing a number of sites for client’s and ourselves, we recently faced a dilemma, a show down if you will. The Show down was Godaddy vs Bluehost.

We have always used Godaddy to host our Domain names. Their site is easy enough to use as long as you get by all the up-sells. This up-sell practic is not specific to Godaddy, all hosting providers all do it. You know, add an email, get an SSL, upgrade your SEO. You just have to navigate your way through the process a few times to get the road map down. That is simply, register my Domain and let me point it to another host.

Google’s Mobilegeddon: Mobile-Friendly searches may not so friendly…

datamartdirect_Mobile_Search_2Is your website mobile-friendly? Google has just made good on the announcement a few months back about changing their algorithm to make mobile-friendly search a reality resulting is some in the press calling it Mobilegeddon. Love that . What’s a good Google change unless they can scare the pants off people who use the internet?

Relax, it will be fine. At least as long as you are prepared to do something about it.

The fact that in this day and age, if you don’t have a mobile friendly site up and running… I mean really?