RM16 | Gary George – Having Fun With SEO and Website Optimization

Google, Facebook, Landing Pages, how to get started getting noticed

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We’ve all heard about SEO and Website Optimization, but too often it’s overly complicate, or our eyes glaze over and we really don’t think about it, or want to understand it. Our guest, Gary George, helps us understand this critical process and bring actionable advice that will certainly help me and I know you as well. As he does it with a style and personality that will make you laugh as well as educate.

Gary spent time in the music industry and turned his love for technology and connecting with an audience to a successful career in marketing in the online space helping others do the same. He is an internet technology and marketing expert, thought leader and consultant to a variety of global business leaders, entertainers, celebrities and athletes. He develops technical and marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies as well as progressive startups that are challenged in reaching their niche markets.

Some of the topics we unpack:

  • The different between Organic searches and PPC (pay per click). Marketers may understand the difference, but it is important for business owners to also understand it. An Organic search is when your site comes up when someone “Googles” a keyword. PPC si where you pay a certain amount to come up in that search.
  • PPC vs PPI (Pay per Impression): Facebook is more of a Pay for Impression model where the legacy search engines seem to be more focused on the pay-per-click model. You only pay if the click through to your site.
  • Why Facebook Ads work today better than ever. Think of the amount of data Facebook collects in a given day. They know where you ate, where you shopped, where you vacationed. They now have the ability, from an advertising standpoint to target your ad so niche down, they results have been positive to say the least.
  • Through data collection you have better targeting. The more information you have on your target audience, the better you can place ads.
  • Why Google might be concerned with Facebook: Google has always been the data collection king, but with Facebook over a billion users, Brands are starting to test seriously in their advertising model.

Why Keywords are important in SEO:

  • Why you want a good keyword strategy and how to develop one
  • Different ways to find one, and ways to target down the results
  • The lower the results, the less it cost, and why that is good thing
  • A Free Google Tool you can use to help you in your planning

Website Optimization:

A look at what a responsive website is, how it works, and why you want to be sure you website is built with this technology.

Custom Landing Pages is a way of targeting your audience and reduce website confusion. Many companies are testing a specific landing page with One offer, rather than send the user to a Brand site with a complicated navigation structure.

Gary also talks about how building a brand Apps might be one of the best ways to stand out in this noisy digital world.

Enjoy the conversation


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  • Lindsey Anderson

    Excellent podcast interview with Mr. Gary George. Loved the info about apps…. very interesting.