RM17 | Corrina Essa and Social Media on how getting fired was the best thing ever


Imagine you’re in your mid 20’s. You are enjoying a career as a television producer in Greece, and the economy tanks. Being in a dream job is great, unless you are in an industry that survives on advertising which is the first thing that business have a tendency to cut, once the economy state to turn sour.

You lose your job, and the prospects look grim.

What makes your character is what you do when life throws you a curve like that.

Do you pout and say, oh woe is me? Life did me wrong? Or, do you sit down, list out the assets you have, reach out to family and friends, and figure a way to start over.

This is what happened to Corrina Essa. What she might have thought was the training ground to a bright future, turned her into just another statistic in a recession that affected countless people.

Her story is what we are going to talk about today. And what is so cool about her journey, is that all that struggle, lead to today, where she is CEO of Social Media Worldwide, an international business dedicated to helping companies deal with and manage their social media presence online.

Corrina and I chat about how to get started when creating a social profile, Social Media Mistakes that are made and how to avoid them, and how taking a high level strategic look at your social media goals will keep you on the right social media track.

Social Media Mistakes To Avoid:

  • Building a Voice
  • Being consistent from Profile to Profile on the platforms
  • Branding inconsistency: Different Logos from site to site
  • Multiple Handles or User Names
  • Posting without a strategy or plan

Other topics we unpack are:

  • Cultural differences when promoting from country to country
  • Twitter Affiliate Marketing and her Twitter Mastery Program
  • How she built a course from what she learned
  • Creating Events
  • Webinars
  • Going Viral

Social Media needs to come from the heart to make a true impact with your audience – Corrina Essa

One great way to keep up to date with your Brand or industry is Google Alerts. Set-up or log into your google account and go to: Google Alerts to set-up your own alerts. Adding you company name or industry segment will keep you up to date on what’s happening and a great way to collect post ideas for your social engagements.

Connect with Corrina:
@smwonline for twitter
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