RM18 | Jason Swenk on turning his hatred of a band into a successful agency

How creating systems made him millions


Funny how the disdain for a pop group can turn into a multi-million dollar Agency. That’s how Jason Swenk started his career.

He spent 12 years building an agency that for clients the likes of Lotus Cars, Hitachi, AT&T, Coke and Legal Zoom. Then he felt it was trim to try something new, so he sold it and moved on. After trying new adventures, he found many people asking him for help which bring him to where he is today – helping agency’s understand how to use systems in technology

Through the use of Milestone Marketing, by getting mini yes’s you can build the trust and value. But if the audience doesn’t respond to one video for instance, you can send a reminder. If they don’t, then try a blog version, a PDF, or a webinar- finding out how they will engage is the key.

He has built a 12 system process for helping agencies grow multi-million dollar business. It might seem a bit complicated, but he believes that although building these systems or processes take time and effort, once they are in place, it can run on autopilot and enjoying the benefits and freedom are well with the effort.

If you don’t have systems in place, it’s like putting a Yugo engine in a Ferrari body. It may look cool, but it won’t win any races.

Some of the topice we unpack are:

  • Clarity – Saying yes to everything meant you don’t have any goals
  • Specialization – Know your your target to build authority
  • The ABC’s of generating leads.
  • Repurposing content – 20% effort in creating and 80% in promoting it
  • Building a process that can start small, then grow over time.
  • The size of you list doesn’t matter. The engagement is what is important

And I close with one of the worst questions ever. Ok, the question was fine, the implementation was very sad.

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