RM19 | The Recovering Marketer’s Toolbox – Millennials & Social Media


In this episode of The Recovering Marketer’s Toolbox, Julie and I answer questions about those elusive Millennials that marketers are always looking to reach and the impact they have on how we connect with them on Social Media.

First, Samantha asks why Marketing to Millennials so important and why is it different than marketing to any other generation and if it’s Social Media, which is the best platform to use?

With 53.5 Million, they are now the largest segment in the US population alone.

They access information differently than the Boomers or Gen-X’s do.

They are more Social and much of the marketing these days are driven in that direction.

We also touch on some approaches can be effective when marketing to this segment.

Let us know your thoughts and where you have had success and failures.

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