RM20 | The Marketing Power of Webinars with Steven Essa

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Webinars are an amazingly powerful platform to promote and sell products. Steven Essa has learned this and built successful business helping other monetize this to a whole new level.

What I found interesting in his approach is that he built his business on partnering with others and helping them promote and sell their products with his tested formula. This created a win for both parties. Through the ability of building a list and using that to market bot his products and his clients, this has proven to be a powerful partnership.

One of the great things about live webinars is they are interactive. Attendees have the ability to ask questions and learn about the products but as product owners, you also have the ability to dive deep into what the audience is really looking for and how you can adjust and expand your offering to meet those needs. It all about providing the value your audience is looking for. Webinars are a great platform for that purpose.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Strategies you can use
  • Format and timing
  • Driving conversation
  • Getting them to ask the right questions
  • Software you can use

and Lots more…

Connect with Steven:
@StevenEssa for twitter

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