The Recovering Marketer’s Toolbox



Why The Recovering Marketer’s Toolbox? Think about it. We are surrounded with so many Marketing Tools, sometimes it can be crazy hard to decide or even know which one makes the most sense for the outcome you are looking for. That’s why I created The Marketing Toolbox. It’s a place with thoughts and ideas of tools you can use to connect and engage with your audience.


We use these everyday and have have put our thoughts on what works best, what has had the more impact, and what converts. Check them out and let me know what you think. And if you ideas or questions about these or others, please let me know.

Below are some tools that might help you navigating these marketing channels:

Business Tools:

Landing Pages (opt-in and List Building): LeadPages
Website Platform: WordPress (Generally a One-Click install from your hosting provider)
Web Hosting: Bluehost
File Sharing: Dropbox
Password Management (not an option-a must have-no matter which one you use): 1Password

Content and Product Creation Tools:

Podcasting: Podcasting A-Z
Screen Capture: Screenflow (mac) or Camtasia (PC)
Live Webinar Platform: Webex or Go-to-Meeting

Social Media Tools and Platforms:

Social Media Management HootSuite
Live Streaming: Persiscope or


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