Why We’re Recovering

scottblog_bw_449Hi, I’m Scott Bussert and I… am a Recovering Marketer.

  • I love diving into how companies push their message to see what works and what doesn’t. Learning is just as much fun as sharing
  • I hate QR Codes, mostly cause of short-sighted marketers who’s ketchup bottle will drive you to a porn site. Ask me, it’s a great story
  • I need to eat better and exercise more as my middle-age spread is becoming a full blown estate
  • I am the world’s worst texter. One simple 5 word text can become an ongoing thread while everyone is trying to decipher what I meant to type in the first place… sigh
  • I can’t figure out why the auto-correct on my iPhone has it in for me (see above text issue)
  • I totally love going on my boat when it’s not snowing, raining, cold, flooding… I live in Chicago
  • I should move to a warmer climate
  • I spend way too much time reading, researching, and talking about marketing. Currently my wife is looking for someone else to go on Date-Night with.

Who Scott Bussert really is: Scott has truly spent his life in the marketing industry. He started at the ripe old age of 9 on this journey when he joined the family’s mailing business inserting envelopes and licking stamps. As he grew, he began to study what makes people engage. Learning through thousands of campaigns and millions of communications, he believes engagement is the key to marketing success. “Nothing personal, but it’s not about you or your offering. It’s always about them solving their problem.” If you find the need, uncover their pain points, and your solution can solve it, let them see it. People buy because they want to fix a problem. Be that problem solver.


The best part of our job is to work with people who have a passion to grow their business but are challenged with how to connect with their customers and grow their business. Marketing is such a broad term these days, and the fact is we need to be everywhere because that is where they are. But to do from a strategic standpoint often takes planning and market understanding that many people struggle with. Let’s e honest, it changes so rapidly, we have struggle with keeping up with it, and this is what we do everyday.

If you want to read some examples of A Few People We’ve Helped Recover click here.

Point here is the size of your company or the project doesn’t matter, it’s knowing how use the tools and technology in your Marketing Toolbox that that separates the winners from he losers.

Reach out to us if you want to know more. we’d love to hear from you or for more info, check us out on our corporate site at www.visionps.com

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